Echo Rowing: the ultimate coastal rowing boat for recreation, fitness & competition.

Row beyond the confines of flat water in boats designed for performance and stability in chop, wake and swell.  Novice to expert scullers enjoy rowing Echo boats on spectacular coastal waters for the benefits of rowing's unmatched low-impact, full-body, aerobic and resistance work-out.  Rowing For All is all about sharing our love of coastal rowing at Little Harbor Boathouse and 10 years of Coastal Rowing knowledge with you. We sell Echo Boats & offer Coastal Rowing Vacations, Coaching & Open Water Sculling Intensive.

Built For Life!

Echo Rowing, LLC will warrant its products for the lifetime of the shell. Details.

Echo Open Water Rowing Shells

Whether you are new to the sport or a die-hard competitor, Echo Rowing Shells have unique and proprietary features that make them the most desirable open water and recreational sliding-seat boat on the market.
• fast, smooth and responsive in rough water and smooth water  
• easy set-up, transport and storage with innovative folding riggers
• cutting-edge open water touring & racing performance
• superb stability for adult and teen novice scullers



Open water rowing races are adventurous, scenic, and the competition is thrilling! Racing and touring race classes give serious competitors, and recreational rowers, the opportunity to compete for medals and reach new fitness goals.  Join a great group of recreational rowers and competitive class athletes for open water competitions that are as much about community, fun and the great after parties as racing. 

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Echo Rowing for Recreation and Exercise

Echo Rowing is the ideal way to refresh your body, mind, and spirit. Experience the tranquility & beauty of coastal rowing. Feel the peace, power and joy of rowing an Echo rowing shell. Add Open Water Rowing to your list of ultimate lifetime sports for fun and fitness, health and vitality.  Join the community of recreational rowers rowing Echos well into our 80's!

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Open Water Rowing for Health and Wellness

Open water rowing is a non-impact, total-body workout that revs up the cardiovascular system, stimulates cell growth in bones and strengthens muscles. Rowing is a joint-gentle exercise that supports weight loss. Row at any age, despite physical challenges, and experience significant health and wellness benefits.

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I own both an Echo and an Alden 16.  I live on a bay in New Hampshire so the water conditions can vary from being calm to being very choppy and windy. I prefer the Echo in both cases; it's more responsive in calm waters, and I believe every bit as stable in all conditions. I taught several friends to row this past summer. I am talking about people who have never set foot in a sliding seat shell before. They had greater success in the Echo. 
- Ralph K., NH

 “You meet and make great friends with an Echo! Welcome to a class of scullers that are out for the exercise, solitude, communing with nature, and just plain fun. There are no high-brow elitists in this group. Can we be competitive if we want to race? Of course. but it’s all done for fun, not just for trophies and bragging rights. It is, indeed, great fun with great friends!"
-Don E., CA

What a great day...Thanks to the Echo Ace Racer, I place and win races that I wouldn't otherwise! Thanks for making that happen.
- Jeff Nelson, Long Island, NY
1st Place 2011 Snow Row.
1st Place 2010 25k Hudson River Challenge.