Recreational and Open Water Rowing for Fun and Lifetime Fitness

Add rowing to the short list of ultimate life-time sports! Rowing offers an exhilarating full-body, aerobic and resistance training workout.  The low-impact nature of the sport has many enthusiasts rowing well into their 80s.  Discover the joy, strength and pleasure of recreational rowing for all it’s body, mind and spirit benefits.
Rowing For All LLC was launched in the spring of 2009 to share our enthusiasm for the sport and exceptional beach launch location and facilities.  We buy and sell used Echo Open Water Rowing shells.



Rowing for recreation is the ideal way to refresh your body, mind and spirit.  Experience the peace and power, tranquility and beauty of rowing. We think it's the ultimate lifetime water sport for recreation, fun and fitness!

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Open water rowing races are adventurous, scenic, and the competition is thrilling! Racing and touring race classes give serious competitors, and recreational rowers, the opportunity to compete for medals and reach new fitness goals.  Join a great group of recreational rowers and competitive class athletes for open water competitions that are as much about community, fun and the great after parties as racing. 

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Open water rowing is a non-impact, total-body workout that revs up the cardiovascular system, stimulates cell growth in bones and strengthens muscles. Rowing is a joint-gentle exercise that supports weight loss. Row at any age, despite physical challenges, and experience significant health and wellness benefits.

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