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Maryellen Auger

When I was 48, I started rowing through a community program.  As a mother of two, I was looking for an enjoyable sport that would help me lose weight and get in great shape.

I joined Lincoln Maritime and learned-to-row on Hingham Bay and eventually gained confidence as a single recreational sculler. It wasn’t long before I’d lost weight and discovered the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of rowing. I felt amazing, and was more relaxed and healthy than I had been in a long time. I found beauty and peace on the water and within myself, too. I was hooked!

Five years later,  I was rowing from the Locarno Rowing Club when I lived in Vancouver, B.C. There, I was introduced to and discover the joy of open water rowing. The awe-inspiring scenery and marine life offshore took my rowing passion to another level. There is no describing the feeling of being in tune with the ocean, with your body, and with the rhythmic motion of a scull.

When we moved to Marblehead, Massachusetts in 2007, I purchased an Echo rowing shell and began rowing off Little Harbor Beach.

Completing my first Blackburn challenge – a 20-mile open water competition - was a huge personal accomplishment. I achieved something I'd not considered possible for me. From that personal win came the vision and heart’s desire to compete in as many Blackburn Challenges as possible and share my love of Open Water Rowing and human powered water sports with others.  I discovered a vacant on-water storeroom across the street from our home, founded Rowing For All LLC and opened Little Harbor Boathouse to the rowers.  We became Boston North Shore's Hobie Kayak Dealer and added kayaking and standup paddle boarding to serve and make human-powered water sports off Marblehead's exquisite coast accessible to all.  Inclusivity!  It was all a natural extension of my love for being on, in and around the water!

The benefits from rowing and Hobie Mirage (pedal-powered) kayaking are many!  Rowers must make a commitment to learning a technical sport as difficult as golf.  Pedal-kayaking offers just about all the benefits from the first-time in the boat with a few pointers on use of the Mirage Drive.  In this digital age of constant texting and information, pedal-kayaking and rowing allow me to escape from the pace of life and endless external distractions and puts me in communion with nature, the water, and my own body.

I enjoy being on the water just about year-round and it is surely my favorite form of exercise.  You'll find me choosing active vacations and exploring new places from the Atlantic to Pacific coastlines - anywhere there's open water!  My mission is to share that passion with you, to introduce you to the best in human-powered craft and to their mind, body & Spirit benefits!

 -Maryellen Auger

2 time 3rd Place Finish: 20 mile open water Blackburn Challenge 2010 & 2013
U.S. Rowing Level 1 Coaching Certification
CrossFit/Concept2 Rowing Coach Certification
M.A. Spiritual Psychology-University of Santa Monica
B.S.Recreation Resource Managment-University of Vermont

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